Janssen & Van Egmond and their business experts have been succesful as partners in transportation, logistics, supply chain, capital and communication since 1989.

Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Need improvements in costs or performance?

Most companies in need of improvement of transportation and logistics, supply chain rationalization, considering centralization of transportation, use of a 4PL or freight bill audit services know what their objective is but can use help in getting there faster.

They often contact business experts Janssen & Van Egmond  for analytics, to define or validate business cases, implementation plans or select of service providers.

Also logistics service providers who want to enhance profitability, require a strategic re-evaluation, consider adding freight management (’4PL’) to their products or simply want to grow their revenue faster, rely on our experience. Read more about transportation, logistics and supply chain from business experts Janssen & Van Egmond.


Supply chain and capital go hand in hand. We have designed creative inter-continental supply chain financing solutions and can provide access to major financing companies so that a creative supply chain solution allows your company to grow. Startup companies are supported in their embryonic phase and to provide established companies with additional capital and management support for their growth plans during the expansion phase. Our network of business experts functions as an accelerator providing access to know how and business contacts. Read more about capital from business experts Janssen & Van Egmond


Banks and NGOs (Non-Governmental-Organisations) considering implementation of narrow casting systems turn for the help of Business Experts Janssen & Van Egmond. We specialize in communication plans, selecting technology and making sure communication stays ‘fresh and meaningful’. Read more about communication from business experts Janssen & Van Egmond.

Learn how Janssen & Van Egmond’s network of experienced managers and potential business partners can help you realize your ambitions.

Our team of business experts in transport, logistics, supply chain capital and communication are specialized in designing and implementing new strategies or resolving specific problems and help to transform and implement through action driven plans.

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transportation, logistics, supply chain, capital or communication?

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